1580 Pembroke Street Victoria, BC V8R 1W2


  • Open heart and other cardiovascular patients and their families.
  • Heart related medical equipment and education for area hospitals staff.
  • The Victoria Heart House
  • The Victoria Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The First Open Heart Society of British Columbia is a registered charitable non-profit organization with a membership comprised of patients awaiting, or who have undergone open heart surgery or other cardiovascular procedures, their spouses or immediate family members, as well as interested members of the medical profession and other hospital staff. The Society is an independent volunteer organization and is not affiliated with any other heart organization.

The First Open Heart Society of BC has 4 membership meetings per year. The Society also sends out 4 Newsletters per year.

The Victoria Heart House is supported and funded by The First Open Heart Society. The house has served the needs of spouses and families of patients undergoing open heart surgery and other cardiovascular procedures in Victoria since 1983. You can contact the Heart House B&B at vhh@shaw.ca, or phone: (250) 595-1931.